Benefits of Stainless Steel

The Everlast™ storage cylinders are constructed of Marine Grade 316 stainless steel.

This grade of stainless steel has approximately twice the tensile strength of the mild steel used in glass lined (vitreous enamel) cylinders.

Stainless steel, has a natural barrier against corrosion, can withstand water temperatures up to 100°C and does not require an anode for protection. Glass lined cylinders, in comparision, suffer from the glass lining dissolving between 70°C and 85°C (depending upon its classification) and dissimilar co-eddicients of expansion that cause the glass lining to become stressed during the 'heat up' and 'cool down' cycles. This usually results in creating hair line cracks within the lining, permitting the water to come in contact with the mild steel tank and for corrosion to occur.

For these reasons, glass lined cylinders contain sacrifical anode of aluminium/magnesium composite, designed to corrode in preference to the cylinder. Nobody knows how long an anode will last in any one cylinder, and once it has gone, if not replaced quickly, the life of the cylinder is greatly reduced.

Stainless steel cylinders do not introduce any contaminants such as rust or anode residue which can be introduced with glass lined systems.